FIRST Robotics Competition

2013 - 2014 - Mater

The 2014 game Aerial Assist is based off team work. About two feet in diameter exercise balls are used. The objective is to score as many balls in the goals as possible. Extra points are given for assists or passing the ball to other robots. Throwing the ball over the truss hanging above the middle of the field is a ten point bonus. If another robot from the same team catches it on the other side another ten points are awarded. Only one robot can be in the goalie zone at a time.

The Design

Mater had a sleek chromalloy frame designed to allow our drivers to quickly retrieve the ball. Our pneumatic grabber was a tactically robust piece of equipment, and functioned as both a game piece containment apparatus and a stabilizer for our elastic powered propulsion mechanism. The long-range kinetic energizer had varying power levels, with a max distance of 30ft. for scoring, and lower levels for passing to fellow alliance members.

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