FIRST Robotics Competition


Northern Lights Regional

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 We started out to a rocky start at the Duluth Regional being our very first competition. Struggling to pass inspection and keep everything working fully. We managed to gain back our lost time to earn an amazing rank of 6th place out of 60 teams. This allowed us to pick our own alliance for the elimination rounds. We won our first match in semi-finals but just barley lost our second. Overall we had a great robot, performed well on the field and pits, and now we know what to do differently in Milwaukee. 







It's finally time for our first regional competition in Duluth Minnesota! Everyone should be packed and ready to go after school. 


Event : Northern Lights Regional

When: 06-Mar - 08-Mar-2014

Where:  DECC Arena/Edmund Fitzgerald Exhibit Hall

Duluth Entertainment Convention Center

350 Harbor Drive

Duluth, MN 55802


Event Info:


Week 6

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This is the final week and crunch time. We have a lot left to do with no time to waste. We're pushing forward and close to having the robot score big!!! 
The whole team will be attending the duluth regional our first big competition thjis year. You have to have all your forms in by next week Thursday OR SOONER. DON'T FORGET THE PLANNED ABSENCE FORM you can find them in the main office. The permission slip and other files containing more information will be attached in the links below. Remember have a Robo-tastic week, Team 269!!!!

Week 5 Newsletter

Duluth Permision Slip

Duluth Information Sheet

Duluth Regional Agenda

Week 3 Newsletter

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View The Week 3 Newsletter!

Build Season - Week 1

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Week 1 News Letter

This year’s game is Aerial Assist. For more info on the game go to this link, Members are expected to know all the rules and how to play the game. Everyone is encouraged to make their own prototype of their idea or work with a team. Once we decide on which one works best we will divide into teams and start building. For ideas you can watch the Build Blitz 3-day robot. They have two robots completely done.

We will be meeting every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday from 5:00pm to 9:00pm and every Saturday from 9:00am to 3:00pm. Food is provided by you! A signup sheet is next to the robotics door. If no one signs up there will be no food.

Not everyone has registered on STIMS. This means most of us are not official on the team. You must register ASAP! This means getting your Consent and release form signed for most of you. To get register go to;

Tonight, July 9th, SME (Society of Manufacturing Engineers) will be visiting. They have been sponsoring us for a while now. Thanks SME! 

Because of the NCAA Men's Basketball Tournament is being held the same time as the regional hotels are sold out. We were not able to get one for the Milwaukee regional so Transportation is probably on you. More information on this will be coming soon. The whole team will now be going to Duluth for the regional meaning we need to do extra fundraising. If you did not do much fundraising you will have to pay for yourself.



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Kick off is this staurday, January 4th! Everyone come to the Highschool at 8:00am though the Robotics door. The 2014 game will be release at about 9:00 on the live stream. After the kickoff we will plan out everything we will be doing durring build season which will last six weeks. You can invite your parents to come today to make up for parent day. 

You can watch the Kickoff life feed and get more information at the Wisconsin Regional Website.